Thursday, February 26

Looky what I found today

this is what I found in a back yard at work. My job takes me to many yards in the area, to fertilize and treat (customers). This particular yard was a biggy, 48.5 k square ft (acre= 43.5k sqft) So I am driving my

turf buggie
and laying on the ground is this deer antler. Well of course I pick it up. I have found many things in the journey of my job, snakes, praying mantis, unique rocks; well this is the first time I ever found a deer antler.

So it seems pointless to tell you, this was the first day of treating lawns. And yes I did get rained on. Now so bad, just a drizzle as I finished my last scheduled treatment. By the time I was heading back to the shop it was coming down in shovels and pitch forks (about 2x cats and dogs)

drizzle= well you know this one, takes a while to get you wet
raining pebbles and small rocks= a bit more than than drizzle, when it is actually called rain
raining hamster and gerbils= little more than a pebbles and small rocks but can be dealt with
raining cats and dogs= we all know this one, heavy rain gets you soaked
raining shovels and pitchforks= you are ready to gather up your toys and go home, soaked to the bone after just a few moments

of course we do leave out the partial increments here, possums and raccoons, deer and antelope, horses and zebras, etc but the absolute worse is shovels and pitchforks

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Lara said...

Ouch, sounds painful!