Saturday, February 28

Not Afraid

I was on the edge of wealthy village here in eastern Cincinnati called Indian Hill. Large properties, call them Mansions if you will. On the day I found the deer antler on a property I had a few more 'big' yards to treat. With the motorized spreader its not that tough to get the big properties. So I am riding this loud machine to the left side yard, say about 30k square foot of turf, there stood about 7 white tail deer. A few moved a few feet back, not as if startled, just to move back and I remember the one. This deer just stood his ground, about 30 ft from me and just watched me treat the neighboring yard. As I made my way out to the street in straight lines of fertilizer I would glace back at him (I think it was a him). He was intently studying me, I should have taken a picture, but I didn't.

Its just very interesting, the deer in the area are not afraid of civilization anymore. Sorta an anti-Bambi twist. (if you remember the story)

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