Thursday, February 5

Old Dell

I have been loading my music collection to my new computer, 2 days now, On my old Dell I had about 17 gigs of tunes stored. Brought my hard drive to about 3/4 space used. 10 gigs to go on this one to be at 17 g of music and almost nothing has been used for space. I was thinking of getting a bigger hard drive for the old Dell but then MsP bought me this computer with a 300 gig hard drive (apposed to 60 on the old Dell.)
Multi-tasking here, loading music installing stuff on the old Dell and blogging here. I'm impressed! Just loaded 624 meg of Aerosmith music, and they ain't even my fav band.

Well friends, this has been a blast, ended up formatting 2 machines in 2 days, I am just doing what I like to do (other than treating lawns).

anyone know a good drink with rum? I want to go beyond rum n coke

well for now using the old machine to download, not as fast but will keep the speed up on this one while downloading files.

Well bad news, think the old Dell is history. Heat sink gave out; I did get it back on the motherboard but haven't checked it out yet.

Checking now, booted up once, but then shut down, don't think its working, gave it a second go and I'm sure now, needs a new heat sink.

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