Saturday, February 14

Past Travels

This is not my picture, but I have seen this from Vero Beach Fl. For a week I was up before the sunrise so I could see it again. One of those awesome "have to be there" moments in my life. I am one of those East siders, I have never traveled to the west, St Louis is as far west as I have made it. Seen the east with a fair amount of travel. Florida I have seen from about 3 different locations, Vero Beach, Clearwater and Ft Walton. Clearwater last visit was not so good and Ft Walton it rained everynight, you could have set your watch on the rain. Vero Beach I have visited twice. I think it takes a bit of maturity to really notice the splendor in a sunrise. The times I had been to Clearwater, perfect place to catch a sunset, I never really noticed, think I was just to young.

The first visit to Vero was surreal, and very dream like. I and former wife, now x planned this trip through a travel planner offered with a credit card. All done and said we were to drive there from Cincinnati. Just out of curiosity I called the hotel back, the cost of the entire trip was so affordable I thought there must me a catch somewhere. I was talking to the fellow on the phone and I straight up asked him, "how far from the beach is your hotel?" when he answered "oh, about 20-30....." with a slight pause my mind was thinking, ah there, 20 or 30 miles to the beach that's why its not that expensive. He continued after the pause, "Feet". I about hit the floor.
So arrival was something, found the place pretty easy, according to what I had been told it was a Best Western being converted to the Vero Beach Inn. Now you know the name Best Western, a nice, low cost Inn, continental breakfast and all that. Well knock me out, the Vero Beach Inn was way better. Best Western at best will earn what, about a 6-7 in a quality rating? The same hotel, new management, this place was like a Royal Suite, plush as plush could be, indoor pool, elevators, clean, and I could see the ocean just by stepping out my front door.

Well like I told you my travels are rather limited, never out of this country, unless you consider Alabama. Only up and down the east coast from Florida to Conneticut with a handful of great stops between. Including but not limited to Disney World, Smokey Mountains and Washington DC

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