Friday, February 13

Wally World

Had big plans for Wally World tonight. MsP needed some jeans. We get to Wally World and MsP starts walking to the back of the store, right to the computer dept. I say (inquisitively) "what are you looking for?" then she answers, " a speaker set for you". Well, don't pigs really fly in the Queen City? She's thinking of me. No but really I told her I don't really need a speaker set, I already have one that works fine. To but it in Beaver Cleaver terms, golly, she really loves me. :)
I did consider picking out a new mouse but I really wanted a test drive; like at Microcenter they have the mouses,(or would that be 'mice' I did always wonder about that) set out where you can give em a "test ride".

So then the Ms gets a few pairs of jeans and some for me then goes looking at furniture. She wants to get a desk. She keeps juggling furniture we have here to fashion a desk of sorts. So we were looking here and there, I come across the office chair section. We have been sitting on dinning room chairs till tonight. She picks out 2 nice office chairs, the "Manager" models. I was looking at the Executive model, but the brown Manager really does look nicer than the Executive black.

I did go back to the mouse dept and found one just like the one I was using with the old Dell, a logitech cordless optical mouse, so I picked that up with the candles and a black teddy bear for Ms.

She is really the greatest.

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