Saturday, February 14

New Desk

This is crazy, MsP and I went up to the local Staples, yea she has her heart set on a desk. This has been one tough project. One thing goes wrong and it throws off the entire construction process. Some mistakes, but hay, I don't have alot of experience in making furniture. I did read the instructions on this one and it really was not a big help. MsP took the bull by the horns and started into Plan B (screw the insturctions and use the force) Thing about Plan B is it always takes about twice as much time to complete the task.

What ever happened to the days when things were delivered "no assembly required" ?

Well had to sleep on that one. (scratching head, wondering what would Obie Wan do?

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ArtSparker said...

I think some people just aren't wired for following instructions - that has been my experience trying to fill out even simple forms.