Sunday, February 15


Its a thinking process. I sit here and think and will eventually take action. Thought I would throw in a selection of what I am listening to now. Scrolling through files I found a wealth of Chicago; One of the discography cd's I burned to keep. On that note, how long do you think we will continue to use the cd as a medium of saving information? Does anyone even think "hey, I think I'll copy that to my floppy drive" anymore? Well of course the answer is no, I don't even have a floppy (A) drive on my new Dell. In fact I don't think I ever used the A drive on my old Dell. Was a waste of hardware and space in my Tower. I imagine in time the cd will go to the way side just like the 8 track tape, vinyl lp and the floppy. Do you remember the original floppy? 5.watever.... was actually a floppy card of vinyl that you slid in the computer.

Enough already, what say we change the subject?

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