Monday, February 16

A ton, are you sure?

Relationships are a strange thing. If you get right down to the definition I am having a relationship with you the reader. Allot like meeting someone in public or at a bar. Often times I will put my "best foot forward" ; attempt to make you laugh, or at least leave a smile on your face. Blogging is like that to some. It makes me feel good when I notice my blog, as humble as it is attains a new follower. It is a warm feeling that someone else has taken note of your writing.

Can I complain, or is that not allowed on a blog?

Having allot of time off (getting back to the lawn care thing in the next week or so) It gets tough when the boss asks you to do something you really don't want to do. So today I am going down to the shop (it is south of here) about noon to help load a tank/pump onto the back of a truck, and not so much for my boss but the guy who shares the warehouse with us. Just a thing, right? Durn thang is bigger than it is heavy but to look at it you would say that thing is heavier than it is big. Yea, its just an empty 200 gallon tank, (water weighs in @app8#/gal)
and the pump, motor and all, all contained in the frame. If we are talking a ton of weight here (2000#) between 5 guys, we are displacing the weight to 400# each, that's still allot of weight on one mans shoulders. Well maybe a ton is exaggerating, but its a heavy, big, bulky thing...
And I'm not sure but I think we have to move 2 of these tank units. So in simpler, more direct terms, I am not looking forward to work today. Even though that is the only task at hand.
I know I complain too much!

Stay on the porch, if you can't run with the big dogs. I am actually a cat person.

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