Friday, March 6


The tallest building in Cincinnati is the Carew Tower. Its nothing really, 49 floors some 574 feet tall. They do have an observation deck on the roof with the coin fed telescopes and all that jazz, cost is 2 bits, yea cost ya 50 cents to go to the roof top. Its not the tallest in the world, nation or state but its the tallest in downtown Cincinnati. wow!

My dad used to work on the 12th floor. Like most skyscrapers, there is no 13th floor. So my guess would be they were shooting for 50 and minus the 13th comes up 49.


  • 1.383 million square feet (128,000 m²) of total floor area
  • 9 miles of brass piping
  • 15 railroad cars full of glass
  • 37 miles of steel piping
  • 40 railroad cars full of stone
  • 60 miles of floor and window molding
  • 60 railroad cars full of lumber
  • 4500 plumbing fixtures
  • 5000 doors
  • 8000 windows (upon its completion in 1931)
  • 15000 tons of structural steel
  • 4 million bricks in the outer structure credit

now in my life, I have been on the top of one skyscraper taller than the Carew Tower, and that was the WTC back in 1978

Now this to me was the grand daddy of them all, yea the sears tower is taller but, there is only one, this is 110 floors (to memory) with an observation deck and 2 towers (observation deck only on one tower)

I took a look that July day in 1978 and had a small interest in architecture; and I was rather impressed. It was like 10 times the commotion, space and activity on a busy day at the Carew Tower. People people people people, all nations, not just Cinci business men. Took 2 elevators to get to the top and I think one more mini elevator to the observation deck. Now these were telescopes worth the one bit. 25 cents to see forever (visibility was great on the day we visited) In fact some times the observation deck was closed (windy days and stormy days) If you do the math you will find these towers each stood close to a quarter mile high, thats a long way to the pavement. I think 9/11 struck me harder than most the people I knew as I had been in contact with that building (those actually but only had time for the one) I live miles from Manhatten, 600 or so I think. still I miss those buildings, like I said, when you are at/in/around a building it becomes part of you. Its sorta like the day I saw the demolition of the middle school I attended for a couple of years. wow that was a sight, I'll get to that in another post some time.


The Jules said...

Wouldn't mind a quick look at that Burj Dubai tower in Dubai, when it's all finished. 140 floors, over 1600 feet up from the camel poo.

Neo said...

Jules, I did a quick search, wow, that's a tall one, but still combined wtc was 220 stories, lol