Saturday, March 7

Elephants remember things why can't I

man, I thought I told the dude to go head and order the parts, but ...
he didn't, said he was waiting for me to call him with the ok. So will be next weekend I guess to get the door bushing on the blazer fixed.

so I guess I will just sit here listen to some tunes, and blog blog blog, and smoke a cig.

Well this kind of messes things up a bit. I thought I was taking MsP's Blazer up to fix today and therefore had to skip today with a friend to replace the cd player in the pitiful Probe .... Which had a very funny but operational cd player when I bought it. This is of course an average used car purchased for $800 . The cd player when eject was pressed would sail the cd out of the player into the back seat of the car, quickly I would have to add. If you happen to be sitting in the back seat, purched in the center and I ejected a cd, it would probably decapitate you. Well this went on for a month or two and the last one thown the eject arm in the machine never reset. No more inserting cds to play. So my one buddy sells me a cd player for $40 and says he will install it for me. I can't figure these dash boards out, I know you can just pop them out and then snap em back in place; I for one can't figure it out though. <--not the sharpest tool in the shed. So D says to me a couple days ago, "we'll get together and do that Saturday, ok?" I answer, "well sure... oh wait, I'm getting the Blazer worked on Saturday, can we make that Sunday?" Then I come to find out I forgot to call the Dude to tell him it was go and order the parts. Like I said I'm not the coldest beer in the cooler.

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