Sunday, March 8

like I said, pictures

Well what do you think? About an hour left to cook and seems to be coming along just fine. New twist on the stuffing, I sent a text to MsP before she came home for break asking for an onion and bread for stuffing, she came home with a purple onion, think it will work just great. If you can't tell I am proud of myself for doing this. The reason we are having turkey tonight is the grocery store where MsP works the deli gave us a turkey and its been in the freezer for a while and was taking all the room. There wasn't even room for the icecube trays, so we put it in the fridge for about a week and being thawed it was time to cook her up. (assuming this turkey is a her)
I would invite you to dinner but, on short notice, I don't think that would fly and a 15 lb bird won't feed all that many people.

As it goes now, with only 3 to feed here, we are going to be having lo's for a week or so. You know what though? Turkey lo's are good, you can do so much more than just turkey salad with a cooked turkey. Well I'll keep ya posted as to how good this first bird is. Oh I should mention that MsP did tell me to keep basting the bird and to cover in with some alum foil

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