Sunday, March 8

dinner tonight

Well to tell ya the truth, this is not mine, but at this time I am cooking the first turkey dinner I ever did. I do know how to make stuffing as I have cooked many small chickens, you know, the ones that go for about $5 at the grocery store. First one of those I did was back when they went for about $3 . You just can't seem to put enough stuffing in them though, about enough for one person. Worked out though, I would cook one for dinner when I had custody of my daughter and she doesn''t like stuffing, I told her, well that leaves more for me. So I am 46 years old and never cooked a turkey before. Seems easy enough, pull the extra thingys out of the bird, stuff it and cook it... pretty much like boiling water, hard to mess up if you take the time to pay attention to what you are doing.

Oh you know I am gonna take some pics of this bird with my pos phone cam, lol

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