Sunday, March 1

For MsP

MsPirate's Blazer had some troubles (not like my Probe though) geeze, that Ford is about at the end of my patience... but that's another story. The inside door panel came off and the driver's door needs a new handle and bushing. I took the car out today and a friend who owns a collision shop put the panel back on and checked prices for me to get the rest done. This is tne nice part. For $150 I will get the rest of the door fixed up next weekend. Its nice to know people in the auto collision trade. Now as for my Pitiful Ford Probe... every time I go to get the darn piece of ... ford, it won't start (this is where I start pulling my hair out) First I hear the ignition switch is burnt and needs replaced, get it back, drive it down to my shop to check on something, come back and park where MsP's blazer is to go home, go with MsP to get Ford and again won't start, have to go talk with Mechanic again... Leave the key with him and well have to wait till Monday to have the guy look again. This is getting old real fast. About to tell the guy, if you can't fix it how bout you tell me about someone who can?


Anonymous said...

Hey Bro!! Did u ever get it figured out yet? Last time we talked u were going to check the wires!

Neo said...

yea a couple wires were burned up, the ignition switch and a plug to the ignition all fixed now