Sunday, March 1

Ready set Print

think I am starting to wear off on MsP.... she got the printer; picked out and hooked up, just had to help her with a little of the networking stuff, god I hate printers. They're all so different and every time they mess up its ink or drivers or printer spoolers or something, my hp just gave out and prolly wouldn't have worked with Vista anyhow as it did work well on XP. (windows humor)
So she is learning, I'm proud of her for learning (she is quite mechanically talented) Even got her to listen to me telling her that open office (sun corp) is everything that MS Office is. Takes a bit to get her to listen but all comes out in the wash. Vista, omg, but I hear and remember back when XP first came out had a few friends (cyber ones) would not let go of 98 se and move on to XP. Same ole shi_ . Massive changes from O/S to O/S .... windows bs, you know. So now we got Pirates Pavillion all linked up on the scanner/ printer through MsP's computer. woooooohoooooooo!!

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