Monday, March 9


response to Boomer Musings: I follow his blog as it has some very interesting posts, not sure he reads my posts but any way-

1. Chance meetings which change your life.- See my post from this weekend, pertaining to my best friend in school, Tommy and Betsy

3. Are plants intelligent?- to what degree of intelligence are we speaking, (I think a cat intelligent but could not design a rocket)

I was having a weird day today. Brain farts so to speak. I work with another guy in the truck so we converse between stops. A bunch of things being discussed today and about every one was...
well say I couldn't remember the word at the end of a sentence. For example I was talking about reading an article about a rock band (name of which just did come to mind). Top Topham was the lead guitar of The Yardbirds, in their early days. When the band got enough recognition to go "Professional" Top was still in high school (doing well) his parents would not allow him to quit school to continue with the band. Top recommended Eric Clapton, saying "He would be the best bloke for the job"

Was just thinking. During the "weed season" about mid April to early November; we use a broad leaf weed control by Lesco called Momentum. It is one of the best weed control products I have ever used. There are however times early in the season (right now) that a spot treat is needed, for this we are using a different product called 3-way with esther. Non-sexual by nature. The esther makes the product more effective in the colder temperatures but becomes very volitile in the warmer temps. This can cause wind drift damage, turf is about the only plant it can land on and not damage. Seems I am on schedule with my load of 3 way esther, use this product up till late March. My tank is getting empty.

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