Monday, March 23


Now this is the guitar I have my heart set on
The Fender Telecaster is more popular with country music guitarists, but Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin recorded most of his music on a Telecaster. He liked the twangy trebble that can be produced on this guitar.

This is Jimmy Page's guitar. He was a bit peaved when a friend painted the dragon on the body of the guitar. It is upside down when the guitar is strapped up and worn on the shoulder.

Interesting fact- Jimmy Page used a wa wa peddle. Instead or stepping on the peddle to shift the tone from trebble to bass as you can hear on Hendrix and Vaughn "Voodoo Child" Page would set the peddle all the way forward to the trebble. That and the tinny sound of the Telecaster produced a sound he really liked.

Page also was known to play this guitar in a few songs using a cello bow rather than strum or pick at the strings, giving the guitar a strange almost mystical sound. He did this on the song Dazed and Confused from their Debut album now known as
Led Zeppelin I


J.T's Tale said...

I am loving this.

The Jules said...

Well, it's not a ukulele, but it's okay I suppose . . .