Monday, March 23


What do you know about Led Zeppelin?
Think we all know the story of The New Yardbirds being renamed Lead Zeppelin (name spelled different to not confuse American (Led) What more do we know?
comments please :)
we can start with basics, who what and when

did you know John Bonham was once told he was to loud a drummer to make it in rock music?

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dog grrrrl said...

Let's see they were around from 1968 to 1980 when Bonham died. They apparently did naughty things with a sand shark here at the Edgewater Inn in Seattle. Jimmie Page bought Anton LaVey house...supposedly a Satanist. Robert Plant had a son named Karac who died from a high fever. Richard Cole was their tour manager.

I was a Zepplin FREAK in HS:) I never got the chance to see them (too young) but I did see Robert Plant twice.