Friday, April 10

argh part III

Not the same product but the container is what this post will cover. When the concentrate is all used up, roughly mixed at 1.5 oz per gallon; what then to do with the empty container? This is herbicide, classified as a pesticide. According to the Ohio Dept of Agriculture, I take this empty container and triple rinse with water. I am to then puncture the container and REMOVE THE LABEL. Now I am to go into work today to do this with some 2 dozen empty containers. The triple rinse makes sense to me, infact that is how I do dishes any more, by sheer habit I triple rinse them. Puncture the container is a good one too, so container can not be used to hold another liquid or drinking water. The thing that I question is removing the label. A person not in my industry could find this empty container with no label and use it for something (even with the punture)... not a good thing, as this is poison. Next time you empty a jug of chlorine bleach just try to remove the label. Put into reasonable terms "its a f_____ beach". So weather being "not condusive to effective lawn treatments" there are a few maintenence items to be done today. So I will spend the next several hours peeling labels off the empty jugs.

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