Friday, April 10


Oh my god! was the first thought. Long before the pc, internet, texting or what not. I believe my heart skipped a beat as I saw the replay of this tragic event. Through it all there was progress, technological advances and safety more in the foreground of our quest to make a mark on space travel. Yes it is a dangerous feat, I think all astronauts understand this. "I will risk my life to the advance of science" is the unspoken vow of an astronaut. Truly, the great unsung hero in this quest. I was witness to the successful failure of Apollo 13, I was glued for hours on the TV watching as the "team" really came together to bring our heroes back to Earth. That not being the first of the disasters to come along with the desire to explore space; It was the first for me to take notice of. Apollo 1 was the first . Space is a dangerous place, I am sure this is a well known fact to a person wanting to be an astronaut.

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