Sunday, April 26


legal diclaimer: I will admit I have neither smoked or used marijuana or not

so lets consider the facts... Lets say I buy 14 grams of Marijuana. I take it home and using my resources I roll just under 1 gram of this plant, that was grown in the soil with little if any pesticides, into a cigarette. As I see things thus far, the only "victim" in this transaction has been my budget; perhaps I need to forgo the blackberry I had my eyes on in the electronics store. I walk off to a specified area in my house and light the cigarette. For arguments sake, lets say I take 15 puffs off the cigarette and set it down in an ash tray. Still I see no victim other than perhaps my lungs, as drawing smoke into them would be somewhat unhealthy. Now I have read many papers (files on the dell) and find that marijuana in and of itself will not increase my risk to cancer, or other disease. Does not impair my ability to make rational judgment, doesn't even impair my ability to operate a motor vehicle any more than a double dose of cough medication, still I see no victim. So lets take it a step farther, say I take this cigarette and I sit down in the middle of a city park, light the cigarette and take 15 puffs, put it out and save the remainder in my pocket. Have you seen a crime, a victim or someone unduly inconvenienced by my activity (seeing I actually didn't subject other members of my family to my "second hand" smoke) ? Seeing as laws are created to protect the "general welfare" of the citizens, what crime have I committed? Now consider the "legal" status of marijuana have I not increased the fiscal status of a drug cartel or some other black market entity? Beyond these facts, the USA is spending billions of tax revenue on a so called "drug war", an absolute and total waste of tax dollars. Can you tell me one, just one person incarcerated for the use or distribution of marijuana that has benefited from the time in jail?
Thing that really gets me is the fact that the USA has experience in this field. Prohibition of alcohol. So you tell me where if any is the logic in prohibiting the use of "recreational drugs" especially with the use of alcohol and Bill Clinton (he smoked but didn't inhale)

I think my mental capabilities are more adversely effected by Dilantin than by the use of marijuana ( not that I have ever smoked it or not)

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