Sunday, April 26

my town

There is a part of Cincinnati called the Mt Airey Forest. This is a beautiful part of Cincinnati. You get the best look of the forest driving south on I74 via I 275. It is a huge forest and the look from 74 is breathtaking. I used to run a lawn route out on that side of town. The east and west sides of Cincinnati are as different as night and day. Its the attitude of the citizens. Now I am an Eastsider, so I can't say my facts are not bent a little; just seems to me the Westsiders have this little chip on their shoulder saying "the west side is the best side". I have heard that verbatim, a number of times. On that side of town they make a big deal out of graduating from Elder High School even when they are 35 years old. Strange bunch of folks. On with the post... Mt Airy Forest is a beautiful sight and had I been there in the past several months I would have a phone cam shot for you but... East Side stays east, West Side stays west. Its a strange thing here in Cinci. As I post this I am searching to find the shot similar to what I have in mind. Was years ago, I was working for a reputable lawn care co. (now owned by Truegreen) my route was west side, down town included, and west side northern Kentucky (sort of a south Cincinnati here). In the fall I remember driving south down 74 and the landscape looked just like what you would see to an elaborately finished train diorama. It gave me a very surreal feeling that I was driving to toyland or something. If you remember the old claymation rendition of Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, you might get an idea of what I am imagining here.

Well any how... I can say this: top vendors East or West would be
  • Skyline Chili
  • LaRosa's Pizza
  • Montgomery Inn BBQ Ribs
  • Grater's Icecream

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