Thursday, April 2


So you ask the question: Is Led Zeppelin a great band because Jimmy Page is a great guitarist or is Led Zeppelin a great band because Robert Plant is a great singer?

Well the band was created as The New Yardbirds by Jimmy Page but the answer to this question is beyond neither or both. You see Led Zeppelin was a great band because Page, Plant, Jones and Bonham meshed.... connected and became a great band. I mean think about it, would the band be the same with out those 4 musicians? Answer is: of course not. Could the Beatles done what they did with out any one of the puzzle missing? A "band" is who they are for the band members.


dog grrrrl said...

I think you are right. I think any band would be a "great" band with either Robert Plant or Jimmy Page but the reason they are the "greatest" band is from all of them coming tgether.

BTW I think the Beatles would have been fine without Ringo:) I mean "Get by with a Little Help from my Friends"? I would have been fine without that one.

Neo said...

I was thinking back to The Who, never the same band after Keith Moon... and lets not forget how different VanHalen was with out David... but maybe the Beatles could have been what they are without Ringo... In my opinion George was the greatest (there I go again, opinion) lol