Friday, April 3


Was raining this morning, looking like a rain out. Which would have made more sense to working Saturday so as not to fall to far behind. So we got all 5 days in this week and still working Saturday. Like we used to say back home, "oh well".

As you can see in this picture pointed to the west the sky has been gloomy all day and is clearing up this evening.

I can now see the sense to it all. Looking at the weather forecast for the upcoming week, Fabio (the boss) is seeing maybe one or more days lost next week and would be best to take advantage of the time we can get out and do the work. Sunday excluded of course. Just one of the bad points to the lawn care professional life, Saturday is not a must but if needed its there.

Company I was with before Turfman demanded Saturday as a must work from the beginning of April to Memorial day and then again Labor Day to the end of October
I know Truegreen (Chemlawn) gets you 6 days a week year round. Unless you make your quota, and guess what? if you make quota it gets bumped up a few hundred dollars. Not a place I would recomend getting a job as a lawn care professional.

I even had a boss once expected Sunday, thats where I draw the line. You don't get me 7 days a week... I quit that place as quick as he told me Saturday and Sunday were required. That was some years ago when I was a landscape laborer. Not really my cup of tea.

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