Friday, April 3

Then and Now

Looks like he has an attitude but really he was just looking for some attention and hopped up in my lap. I'm glad, seems his grudge for being locked in the closet has passed and I have been forgiven. In my own defense though, he is a darkish cat and is hard to see in a dark closet. Aries by adoption, will all so respond to Buddy as in my "little buddy" for those who ever caught Gilligan's Island in syndication. Is really a cute cat with a unique personality, but then what cat doesn't have a unique personality.

Years ago, think it was 03 my cat Achilles pasted on to the great battle in the heavens. Picture doesn't show it but he had sparkling blue eyes, for a mutt was one heck of a specimen. I was even offered $50 for him when he was born; I thought better of it. This cat was not declawed, I find that cruel, he never marked my furniture and the only time the claws came out was when he was picked up. He truly was my best friend for the 18 years he was in my life.

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The Jules said...

When I was a kid and was a bit rough with one of our cats, my Mum would scold me and remind me the "Cats are people too."

Wise words.