Sunday, April 5

would make sense even when STONED

Lets define "criminal"

someone is considered criminal if they mean harm or loss to you as an individual. If you intend to break in my house and take my stuff... if I was to wake up and try and stop you and and you stab, shot or beat me up this is obviously 'criminal'. If you are driving to fast to control your vehicle and crash into me, yes this is an accident, but you have damaged my personal property, and perhaps injured me this would be criminal.

So where is the crime in owning, cultivating or smoking marijuana?

I just read an article of a pot bust. If the police have now confiscated 100 lbs of pot what are they going to do with it? Well as usual they are going to burn it. Isn't this the same thing you are arresting the person in possession of the pot for in the first place?

Further more, marijuana is just a plant. If its illegal to grow pot shouldn't it be illegal to grow poison ivy? Poison ivy certainly poses a health risk. Well heck I don't really care for lima beans too much, I think growing lima beans should be against the law (criminal) [just an example of how foolish this law is]

Now I'm not going to go into whether it would save the economy to legalize pot. I will however point to the fact that our government is looking for ways to save tax dollars. Since pot is not harming the general public, we can stop spending money on looking for users and dealers of this plant, and the money spent to incarcerate those individuals.

If you want to really do some damage on "the war on drugs" just legalize drugs. What are the drug cartels going to do now? If its legal there is no sense in a purchase through the 'black market'.
Instead I just go down to the Bud Market. Hey wait a minute, did I just create jobs? Maybe I should be president, thats what Obama man is attempting to do.

Pirates Marijuana Economic Stimulus Package:
  • Cultivation requires employees= more taxes
  • Sale- requires employees=more taxes
  • As it is a luxgury item it can be taxed as such= more taxes
Now not only have we saved tax dollars, we are actually adding tax dollars to the economy. I think our "friends" in Washington DC are not seeing this point.

And what about the pot... well lets see, you need to keep it somewhere, you need to pay the people who are guarding, burning and removing this public enemy. Now, don't you feel safer knowing that what could have actually employed and produced was wasted with your tax dollars?

Quite a bit I have written and I have not even touched on the subject of "natuaral resourse"

For you "lets get green" types, hemp has many uses, paper, burlap and rope, just to name a few. Due to the legality of pot; so it is the same for hemp.

In the course of history it has been shown that if you want to control the import/export of a product, it is much more effective when said item is legal. You don't need to go back too far to find this true with alcohol.

perhaps more on the subject later, or "what do you think?"

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