Friday, April 24

Traveling Sales Man, well not selling anything.

Now this is impressive. As far to the west as I have traveled. Went to St. Louis to visit my dad while he lived out there years ago. That is the extent of my western travels... Sounds bleak yea but I have had a wealthy travel log up and down the east coast. Massachusetts to Florida and about all points in between. Been to Washington DC, New York City, Long Island, the Carolina's, lived in Georgia and to Florida countless times. Well back to St Louis, drove there one year, could have taken 74 to Indy and south on some interstate to Missouri but we went 75 south to what ever and through Louisville to Missouri, half one 6 the other. My best remembrance of the trip we got off the highway one exit too early. My advice is to avoid Eastern St Louis. So we got to Westchester outside St Louis and slept, man the time drag was a drag. Drive all day and find you lose an hour between St Louis and Cincinnati. Took the entire 7 days I was there to catch up. Finally got my time adjusted and went to the Zoo one day and the Arch the next. Was recommended to me to NOT take the tram to the top of the arch. I did skip that seeing I had stood atop the WTC, but the archive down below was interesting and informative. A video about the building of and all... think I learned only one life was lost in the construction process.
The zoo was cool too. Same smell as the Cincinnati Zoo. Not as many White Bengal Tigers but was fun with the wife and kid and all. Rather uneventful which is a good thing with a child in tow. So other than St Louis my travels west have been rather limited to Indiana and east. Neo is not a happy pirate only being the the Gateway. Was invited to Colorado to see my sis, but she had moved back to Cinci before I came up with the funds to get out there. Bummer as I wanted to see the Grand Canyon and other stuff. So its fun to travel and see new lands. Where have you been too?


Lori ann said...

hi Neo,

Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm really glad you liked my pics. It was a great day.
sounds like you've seen much of the east coast, i've seen a bit too. I like to travel, It's contributed alot to who I am.
I like the pirate thing you have going on.

Neo said...

I would have to agree, travel does add to a persons personality. Just stands to reason, with more you can create more. "More" in this case would be life experiences