Sunday, April 26


Article brings up a point. Is this art? Art being defined as "beauty mediated through human handiwork". Then comes the fact that this image is not exactly created by a specific human, but rather a computer, then data retrieval. In all fairness I would imagine the "artist" would then be the computer program on board Galileo space probe.

All the same ... beautiful image of Io; titled "Io Erupting" though it is rotated 90*.
In this image "right" is North. Often, image data needs editing, collaging, grid lines removed and etc to produce museum quality images of "Planetary Landscapes"

Prometheus Plume has been in most of the images of Io since the Voyager in 1979. Suggesting that it has been constant for at least 30 years.
Strange world Jupiter is. A moon with a constant eruption and a storm that won't go away.

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