Tuesday, May 12

Another "best"

If you have an interest in reading, let me encourage you to read "Anthem" by Ayn Rand. (please click the widget)
in many ways this song tells the same story. In fact Ayn Rand is mentioned in the credits on the "album cover". Instead of a candle the character in this song discovers a guitar. Yes it is a bit long but listen.. you will get a feeling for the work that Rush can do. One of my favorites for their "epic rock"
Alex Lifeson is one of 2 guitarists that make the instrument talk through technics such as using a cello bow on some songs. He is one incredible guitarist. To most the band is most known for the drummer, Neil Peart; claimed by many to be the "best"; I will leave that to you. I think they have an incredibly full sound for a 3 man band.

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