Tuesday, May 12

One of the Best

I'm gonna take a stab and say 79. Probably the coolest Muscle Car America ever made.
I just went up to the store for 'stuff' and there it sat in the parking lot. Now I have heard from mechanic/car buff friends say the Corvette after 1974 was turned into a wimp for all the emission reduction but I still say this was the best looking one they made. If memory serves, the Vette retained its Stingray image for some years, say 65-79. Back in 67 they came out with the 'fast back' and I think it was 79 they came out with the same rear windshield. I personally think the newer ones look like every other car on the road (what ever happened to the flip up head lights) gotta have those if you have a sports car. The latest model does look similar to the last Camaro Chevy came out with before butting that one to rest. Of the 2 images the bottom is the Corvette
So you ask; "Neo, why don't you own one?" Well truth be told, I think spending that kind of money on a vehicle is rather silly. I'll stick to my Green Beast.

off subject a bit... My geographics department has told me a visitor from Bangkok has been here .....

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