Saturday, May 30

Big Brother

I don't have a big brother. In fact my siblings are very close in age, about 1 year. I have a big sister (almost the same thing) an older sibling that can tell you what you can and can't do; with less authority than dad and mom. My government is not my big brother/sister. Back during WWII government became my "Uncle". Posters printed and tacked up "Uncle Sam Needs You". This is actually as 'close' as my government needs to be. You know the Uncle you hardly know, you see him 2 maybe 3 times a year and as an adult does have some authority but can't pull your pants down and whip you with a belt (this was in fact a very effective deterrent)

Enter big brother: U.S. Government.

Teachers have lost control of students. Why? well corporal punishment is out, thanks to big brother.
My experience:
When my mom enrolled me in Middle School she talked to the Assistant Principal saying her kids where not to be "paddled". Now this was all well and good, with good intentions behind it but me being the "black sheep" I was admitttedly very rebellous. I took this request by mother to extremes, rather than getting paddled I stayed after school. I simply accepted that school wasn't over at 3 and I would have to walk home. Now thanks to big brother the teacher has lost that ultimate dicipline. Disclamer: I know this sort of dicipline can be very easily abused. But to remove it from every household?

Wearing a seat belt is a good idea. Hardly a reason for a fine to not be wearing one.
Thanks big brother.

18; big mile stone. I had to go to the post office and fill out the form that made it easy to pull my name up and send me a draft notice. So you are telling me now that I can be drafted to a war, risk my life and welfare in the name of Liberty but I can't go to the local pub and have a beer?
Thanks big brother.

The list goes on,

Say you are stopped at a traffic light. Traffic is minimal, except for the police officer behind you there are not other cars, do you wait for the light to turn green? Actually most traffic laws are revenue generators. Wreckless op, left of center, and a handfull of others make sense. I hardly see the sense in arresting a person because he had a couple of beers inside of an hour, and then very safely drives home. Not that I condone drinking and driving but let's at least be reasonable about drunk vs having a drink.
the facts: (never happened but what if?) I am at a bar, after work, throw down a beer, a shot of whiskey and drive toward my home. 2 blocks from my home a cop sees me make a right turn without a signal, pulls me over, does the breatilizer and finds my blood/alcohol % to be .1 (over the limit in most states) Who is really the victim in this senario? Do remember that in order for an act to be considered a 'crime' there must be a victim.
Pot- not a crime
Drug war- failure! quit it
Traffic light cameras- are you kidding me?

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