Saturday, May 16

just a thought

Trying to maintain my seriousness. I am going to ask you a very basic question. Do you think if Pot where a legal cash crop they would have found guns at these houses. And do you think they would have found anything other than pot plants and taxable income?
Think about it. A person on welfare (government assist) could now instead of being a drain on the tax system; a person could become a contributing member. I am not real sure of the money numbers but I have seen estimates in the billions. And please tell me why you can confiscate personal property when all the tenant was doing was making some taxable money?


Open your blinded eyes, taxes will come from everything from the sales tax to the production, income and excise tax you now get from alcohol alone. Seems like you might even ease the over crowding of jails and save some tax dollars on not hunting down a non-criminal.

Arnold has a pretty good idea

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