Tuesday, May 12


This was a lovely sight, going past one of my customers lawns as I was on my way up the street to do a bug control application. I just couldn't resist the chance to snap a shot with my phone. There is a bare area along the street, I do my best to keep the weeds in control in this area.

The one at the bottom is a second year customer, I get so excited when a lawn does a turn about like this one did. It was full of weeds and rather pale when we started at the end of last year. The purplish discoloration
along the walk is an illusion from the camera and the heat (driveways and walkways are known as "hot-spots") where the turf essentially gets baked

This is the property where I did the bug control. Not so much a turf application, as I explained yesterday; I use insecticide around the foundation of the building to stop encroaching insects from entering the home. I was impressed with the lawn so I took a snap shot. The truck across the street looks pretty nice too.

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