Sunday, May 24

Wake up America

if you try hard enough you can find the answer you want to just about any question in the "Cybersphere"
for example I read once of a report done on the effects of marijuana on a persons hand/eye co-ordination and physical abilities is slim to none, meaning that you could trust a stoned heart surgeon to do the job right. (excuse me while I laugh)
Of course you would need to control the use/abuse of said product; isn't it easier to control a substance when its legal? ie alcohol/1930's need I say more?

I just think what ever your stand on an issue/subject, you can find someone that agrees with your stance and then took the time to publish it on the web.

Do I believe Led Zeppelin was so named for a comment made by Keith Moon just because I read it on "the web"?

Even Wikipedia as you can edit entries is less than trustworthy.

There is a group of people out there known as NORML.... a bunch of pot heads wanting pot to be legal if you ask me ( not that this is a bad thing) but if you want marijuana legal so you can get high, just say so. Screw all the "medical" uses and whatnot! I think marijuana should be legal! It is a taxable commodity that has been over looked for too long. Now if you really want some hard facts, go to Law Enforcement Against Prohibition sounds like some people that know what they are talking about. If cops and judges and other Law Enforcement individuals think its a bad idea to continue our "war on drugs" I think there might be some credence to the legalize movement. Go ahead, do a google search on Pot busts, or marijuana confiscated and you would be supprised at what a market is here in the United States. Bill Clinton admitedly smoked pot, so stop with the BS that pot will destroy lives. The entire "war on drugs" is a bigger failure than the Vietnam war or the popularity of GW Bush. As one of my favorite radio personalities has said for years " Wake up America!"

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