Sunday, May 24

working on it

Well as you know I tend to dart around the blogosphere seeing 'space' stuff. In this a do come across space related ads and yup I answered one, thought 1/2 a franklin ain't such a bad price for a telescope.
So the scope arrives via Fed Ex and I put it together, pretty nice little purchase I think.

I still haven't really had a chance to use it. Was messing around with all the different lens adapters and stuff and was looking at trees and clouds and working with the focus but what in the world did Galileo do with his days? Obviously he had to be a night owl. Bet it really killed him on the cloudy nights.

Best chance I've had since I bought this was last night and early this morning... it's too cloudy to see a thing.
Well I will attempt again tonight but I think the clouds are gonna win this one too.
Astronomers in general must be a "night breed"

Now as I am in Ohio, looks like it could be a while to see through the clouds

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toomanytribbles said...

i ordered one but it's not here yet....

i'm getting antsy... where's my galileoscope??