Sunday, May 10

what about the law??

PORT JERVIS — Police arrested two men from New York City with large quantities of drug that authorities believe they were intending to sell.
Ricky Ladson, 37, and Roger Cuffee, 28, were arrested after an officer discovered three grams of crack cocaine, 79 bags of heroin, $1,480 in cash and a small amount of marijuana during a routine traffic stop, police said.
The men are charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance in the third and fourth degree, both felonies. Ladson faces additional misdemeanor charges for driving with a suspended license and registration.
Ladson was sent to Orange County Jail without bail; Cuffee, in lieu of $50,000 bail.

ok from where I sit, the biggest crime in this is the driver license issues. If the guys have customers that want to fry their brains on crack, its a free country, they are working and there fore taxable, and the products they are selling taxable as well. I just can't see allowing an unlicensed driver who doesn't register his vehicle to be driving on public roads.
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