Friday, June 5


There was a time not so long ago I had a large collection of dragon pictures. Google images makes it quite easy to find lots of pictures. This was one of my favorites. Of course I have lost or misplaced all of the collection. I may have them on a removable storage ie a disc or something, but there are so many of those hanging around here I would be 3 years looking and still might not come up with results. Instead, I just use the google page, click the images tab and I am on my way to hundreds of dragon pictures.

This lower image is also part of that collection. I am ashamed to admit it but I was on Myspace when I started "blogging". Not that Myspace can really be called a "blog". I did use this and a couple of other dragon images to dress up the profile of my "space" page.
Disclaimor: I have not been on Myspace for over a year now.

Oh yea, back to dragons.
Now the komodo dragon all except the abscense of wings seems to be the real thing, no folk lore about this one.

Thing is if a dragon has hind legs and wings, how can it also have arms?

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