Friday, June 5

Rant 1

I went to the store, purchased a pack of Marljuana. I also saw I could get Pot Edward or maybe some Pot Mall 100's. On the argument that marijuana leaves a toxic exhaust in the air; most places in the U.S. and Europe now have smoking bans indoors. Beyond that, marijuana mixed with smoking tobacco known as a cocktail (not that I have ever done that) does not leave a burned rope like stench the the room.
Lets look at the facts:
If you can buy pot in the store why call and buy it from a "criminal"?
If pot is legal where is the crime?
If the pot dealer pays taxes he is no longer a criminal (not that it is even a criminal act now)
taxing the product makes money for the criminals, err politicians in Washington
creating a legal industry sounds good to me. Taxes everywhere in this venture.

Take a ride down Holy Roller Lane with me, you say its a sin its devil weed etc etc...
I have read the bible, not extensively but I have yet to read in there, (even in parables) smoking weed is a sin. Devil's weed? excuse me, only God creates, Satan simply distorts that which is.
If God exists, we'll hypothetically say he does for arguments sake. He has given me the ability to choose, right, wrong or indifferent.
Do you think pot should be legal? do you think Obama will ever see this?

I'm really not a pot head, just think they use up to much jail space with victimless criminals.

jail a person for drinking and driving? Even if a crash has not occured?? is there something wrong with this picture? How about the cop pulls over a person unable to safely operate the vehicle and give him a ride home? You know Andy would have done that for Ottis and day Sunday included! The lawmakers (crooks); did I type that outloud? are making laws to create revenue, not for our safety!

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Pearl said...

You DID type that outloud, and I loved it.

And Rush is absolutely one of my favorite bands. Saw their 25th anniversary tour in Las Vegas. Neil Peart... What more can I say?


Douglas said...

Here's the reason why it won't be legalized... Anyone can grow it. People only buy it now because they might get get caught growing it (see your post on the bust near your home). So the potential taxes wouldn't materialize and there would be a huge growth in window boxes (the ones that look like mini-greenhouses).

Neo said...

Douglas, can I grow my own tobacco? make wine or beer? yes I can, I prefer to go to the store and get it packaged. And what to do in the winter?