Saturday, June 27

shoot, darn and dag-gonnit.... I really let this one get the best of me! I really sorta messed up...
Let me set the scenario:

Get to work, Turfman himself says, and I quote (nearly verbatim) You guys be back here at or before 2:00. Ok I am cool with this as we only had 9 stops, most of which were small yards. Defining "small": about 4- 12 k square ft.[ is a relative term as to what you usually are in the cycle for. Some days are filled with a 40+ k square ft yards and 20 k would seem rather small] so any now my helper and I have a few "bigger" (27 k, 23 k) and the rest were 9 or less. Day being easy we beat team 2 (other crew) in to the shop Friday. So my helper does his gig, load the tank with water, clean up the hps (spreader) and what not come to the office "I'm outta hear, K? I nod yes and off goes helper, so its just me finish papers, load the concentrate in the water, and off I go. So Turfman calls me later that night, 9:45ish... Asking if I brought the work by and dropped it off. I; living close to him and been with him since year 2 of the company, has me drop completed run sheets with invoice copies by his house at days end, some days when he can't be there . So I'm like "uh, no... was I supposed to?"
well shit.... I really f'd this one up. Well Turfman says, " its ok no big deal I will get it tomorrow". Took a little off my shoulders, but still, I messed up. This is not a good thing. Well guessing Turfman knows me, and things are good between, its really great when you can call your boss a friend.

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