Sunday, June 28

just thinking

Jumping around Face Book this morning reminding me of my youth and the Rock shows I have seen. My first 2 were with Betsy, a dear dear friend (life's circumstances lead to many great friendships.) Well my 3rd show was Styx, the Paradise Theater tour. It was a date with a girl I had met, and I can't even remember her name. Thinking it was Lisa, I remember she smoked cherry tobacco in a pipe...
So any how, the show was awesome, one of the better rock shows I have seen. I saw Styx twice (second time was better).

I think the only show I saw that was close to that good would have been the night I went to the Aerosmith show at River Bend. That was a double bill including Ted Nugent.
As I think back I do remember some not so famous shows I have attended also. Here in Blue Ash (just a few miles away) the city has a summer concert series you can attend for free. I saw a Steely Dan tribute band there and the show was great.
Thinking about it I remember there were some pretty good shows I saw for free, including Heart, Kansas and the second time I saw Styx.

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Douglas said...

Best show ever... Led Zepplin and John Mayall at the Rose Palace in Pasadena in 1969. (2nd best was Grateful Dead with the Butterfield Blues Band... 1968)

Neo said...

all the shows I missed... :( led zeppelin in 77 and Pink Floyd any year would have worked for me The Who 79 but sorta glad I didn't get to that one, I would have been trampled under foot