Saturday, June 20

Torrents or Toto?

Jazz edge of Rock n Roll. I was so impressed by the song Hold the Line and through the years have really come to appreciate this band called Toto. Always did remind me of the Wizard of Oz, I wonder if that was intended? Off the top of my head I can not tell you who is in the band, to let you know I wouldn't call myself a fan, but I do enjoy the Jazz edge they give their music.
Another good example of the Jazz edge would have to be
Steely Dan.
Is enjoying the music of that musician considered being a fan? I always felt 'fan' was to do some basic research, know the members, albums, and a little back ground on said band.

I imagine that being said I would be more a fan of Steely Dan. While not knowing the members right off blank memory, I am familiar with Pretzel Logic, Aja, and Katy Lied. I went to a summer event several years ago where they have concerts on Friday night; saw a band there called Aja. Logically they did a tribute show to Steely Dan. Pretzel pun intended.
I really was quite surprised to find I was familiar with and rocked down with about every song that was played for the next 4 hours or so.

What I really was thinking about was how lucky I was a few, 5 years ago to have someone show me how to use Bit Torrent as a download avenue. The first torrent application I used was Bit Lord; this was an extremely large program. I later found a smaller program called Utorrent. In a matter of about 10 minutes or so I was able to down load 7 cd's of Toto. It is a safe program, I have been downloading with torrents for 5 years and have never picked up a virus or corrupted my computer in any way. I knew a contact on a messenger called Paltalk, went by the nic 'Anonymus1' who shared some wisdom by saying "why down load a song when you can get an entire cd?" I have found many 'discographies' of some of my favorite bands. The more popular it is in the 'torrent community' the faster you can get it on your computer. I have posted other entries on this subject, but I have gotten so much out of my experience with Bit Torrent I need to share this infomation.

PS I use this site with my utorrent

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