Wednesday, July 8


Topography of the south polar area of Luna.
So anyway this is about 75000 square miles, I imaging you would use this sort of information to set a landing area. I do see several areas here that would be good. I see several on the center left of the shot, another great one would be about center of the image. I guess they had to do this sort of mapping with far inferior equipment back in the late 60's for the Apollo Missions.

Speaking of Apollo Missions; July 20 (mark your calendar please) will mark the day Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the surface of Luna, 40 years ago. Was listening to one whacked out conspiracy theorist on the radio saying it was all a hoax. He said take off > orbit > splash down were real but man never actually walked on the Moon. I have seen photos of rocks that don't look like anything you find on Earth, the Earth rising photos, and far to much documented proof of such mission. Second, there are far too many people involved in this program to keep them all quiet; wouldn't have someone in the know have come forward by now? Especially if you think conspiracy means there is potentially allot of money involved. Back in 1969 100k would have seemed like plenty of money to buy someone off, now days 100k is like nothing to a pirate. (conspiracy come from pirate)
Heck I'd take the money and then write a book about the whole deal, plenty of people would read and likely believe it.

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