Thursday, July 2

some history pictures and comment (well a picture)

One of my interests that pasted to the wayside years ago, sailing. The automobiles in the picture are out of place as the clipper ship is a hand down of the old days before the engine and power mobility. 1492 is a date that should stand out in your mind. Back in the days when the wind is all you had to power your ship across the great open water of the sea. In general most ships would go East to ports of trade, India, Japan and such... Christopher was the non-comformist of all time; he wanted to find a new route. He went west, despite all his peers telling him he would fall off the edge of the FLAT world. Our buddy Chris new other wise. I can see this from his era. If the world is flat where does all the water go, and why have I not seen the 'edge of the moon? Being if the earth is flat than so is the moon. If you have ever seen the horizon on the ocean you too would wonder why anyone could possibly think the world is flat. You can notice the curve to the horizon.
Anyway, just a little history that I think is important for all to know. By the way Christopher did not land at Savana Ga or Vero Beach Fl, he found his way to The Bahamas. Strange that most people don't know he didn't really find the place we call home here in North America, but gets all the credit.

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