Sunday, August 16

The birthday present I couldn't touch

The day is here, long awaited, and looking forward to this. Yup you guessed it, My "kid" is moving in with me. Reason for the quotes? She is no longer a kid, 18 to be 19 next week; the rules of the game have changed just a little bit. While I am "Dad" and that is forever, she will have the right to come and go as she pleases, a sort of "room mate" type relationship will now exist. I love my daughter so much, I am thrilled she will be close to me again.

Just an example of Jasmine and her creativity. On Thursday the 13th, my birthday; she shows up at the apartment saying she has made plans to take me somewhere. She would not divulge where or what, just said it was something I would like and she guaranteed I would enjoy myself. Well a phone call later she is a bit miffed, and pissed that the event has now been moved to Saturday night. In so, I have to change my plans. A couple of guys from work had invited me to go camping for the weekend and I was planning to go; but blood being thicker than water I put that on hold. Jasmine gets me in her car and we go driving and driving and driving to a park somewhere out in Goshen TWP. Late at night, I thought the park was closed but there were a few dozen people gathered in a parking area with telescopes (say 6 or 7) set up for star gazing. There was one telescope, I overheard the owner saying it was 18 inches, Jas and I stuck around this guy looking through his telescope for the next couple of hours. The man would use a pointer to show where in the sky a star cluster would be located, adjusts the telescope and I would take a look. It was absolutely incredible. Jupiter was on the rise, behind some trees, as we waited he set the scope to focus on Nebula, star clusters, and other such till the time Jupiter had cleared the tree line. Cloud cover had started rolling in and the view of Jupiter was a bit fuzzy but I did see the planet, the bands and clouds, it was a great experience. Chalk another great idea to Jasmine. I had a wonderful time.

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