Tuesday, August 11

The Return of Neo

Many have asked where I get Neo in my nic name. Well yea its part The Matrix trilogy, but really is more a a tribute to this guy. He's back!! I chose this cat out of a litter, was denied first, was gonna take another, but at the last moment I was able to snag the white one. I was forced to give him to my daughter Jasmine when I moved to a 2 dr apt for Theresa and Ashley's sake. (another story)
So Theresa moves out vacates Ashley's bed room and my daughter wants to move in. This is so convenient. Theresa and I were fighting about every evening shortly after she moved in. Now, no arguments, bickering, or fighting. Not only that, I get to live with my daughter again. I lost custody of her back when she was 14. (jobless, and homeless left no choice than to take her to her moms) And to bonus the whole package, I get my cat back, well now Jasmine's cat. Life is so full of things that look bad at first, but then when the dust settles, things are much better.
Not to get off subject.... things I sacrificed for Theresa/Ashley:
  • the bed room when in a 1 br apt
  • my cat when the 2br apt would not take cats
  • freedom
  • a multitude of others including mental health
When I adopt a cat, I sorta promise to take care of my cat for all the days of his/her life.

We're having some issues between the two cats, but this will pass, soon I hope.

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