Saturday, August 29

came across an interesting photo in my Gmail today. In Gmail you can set what are called alerts, to pick up on news articles, blogs and posts of key word subject matter. This one comes to me from NASA as a Daily Digest Bulletin.
on with the post:
I was wondering, why it is I don't so much mind doing the laundry, including the folding and then a woman comes along and I push it all off on her? must me a personality flaw of mine... will have to work on that. Same with the other household chores, except the dishes, I have always conquered that mess.

What about running to the store with you? sure, I can do that, or even running to the store for you.

Household rules:
  1. I am always right
  2. when in doubt refer to rule 1
  3. When proven to be the better of the 2 your way will be given full consideration

Just kidding...

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