Sunday, August 30


I see piranhas, a sea horse and an eagle.

Shambala, One, Black and White but no Joy to the World, and you call this Three Dog Night's "Greatest Hits" ??

One is not the loneliest number

Really the only thing missing here is someone to listen to and someone to listen. And that has been missing for a long time. So though I am alone I am not really lonely anymore!

Jas and I had a great conversation last night as we came back to the apartment. Political in nature. She claims to be a Liberal, but her thoughts are going down the same path as mine, and I am not liberal, according to her "its all your Republican bs"
lol... so either I am not Republican, she is not really a Liberal, or maybe we "meet in the middle."

More later, gonna be late to church

ha, What you do will all come back to you, when you take care of that which is important to you, the benefit is greater than 10 fold.

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angelzwild said...

I have to agree, Karma is real and I love it! I hope that you had a great week-end and that_the start of your week has been great!

Stay cool!


Eowyn said...

Hmm. You want to watch the liberal/conservative divide. There IS room in the middle ... but you want to watch for two things: 1) Total identification with one side's ideology and 2) vilification of the other side.

Our great challenge in these days of polarized ideologies is finding the middle ground, and it grows hard, sometimes. And, alas, it can divide the most loving of relationships.

My advice? Leave politics behind altogether. Cultivate a political ideology of no politics, if that makes sense. Agree to leave politics at the door. (If that's possible.)

Cheers :)