Friday, August 28

Problem solved

yea, I could.... or I would, BUT I am more of a man than that. Yes I did, I made mistakes, I ignored the mistakes I made and they didn't get any better. They got worse, and I couldn't drink them away. Only one more drink to make it go away. Pushing the mistake away but not fixing... it was there again. So I am here to face the day again, with out, but the problem did finally go. I am now the master, master of my own destiny, my future holds much. Where will I be? In my mind I will be at peace and my castle is once again mine. My heart is now mine, and mine alone. When failure becomes the success; when the dust settles, and now I can see. I can see the truth, for there is only one truth, what once belonged to me is my possession again.
At the end of the day I may be alone but at least I know, the one I am with does truly love me for who I am and will listen. Its not MY problem anymore!

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angelzwild said...

Great attitude!