Thursday, August 27

excuse me

For all my regular readers, both of you; my last post did say "sitting on some information" and I do suppose you would be wondering what in the world I meant. Well, not wanting to jinx or alter the out come, I had my first date in about 3 years on Saturday. Having set the date up early in the week, I had been in cell phone contact with the girl all week. Well to cut to the chase, it went marvelous, spectacular and I had a great time. Going on the advice from what we will call a close friend, we (my date and I) sat at the table for a few moments with nothing but air... (friend had told me no talking about x's) Well for the past 2+ years, there has been nothing happening in my life that was not fouled up by my x girl friend. Well I decided though good advice, I went against the grain by not so much talking about Theresa, but rather the situation. The conversation did begin to flow.

If you follow my blog you may think that things were wonderful between me and Theresa. I never mentioned any trouble, fights or arguments. This of course was because this blog is public. Could you just imagine the fight that would have ensued having Theresa read about an argument between her and I? So my blog became my "outlet"; my one intelligent conversation, my one connection with what I felt to be my peers. I could I suppose go on for hours justifying my action and behavior but to make a long story short; I was living with a girl and still felt an incredible loneliness.

I need to excuse my absence on the blogosphere for the past few weeks as I have been coming to terms with a break up that has come to show itself as a god send, the best of things that could have happened. While I will admit coming home to an empty apartment has been a bit of a change, it sure does beat the heck out of coming home, as if walking on egg shells to be careful what I say and even how I say it. I was swallowing my opinion at all cost, this left me feeling more than just lonely, but alone... I was probably the unhappiest man that had "everything he wanted"
Sex is definitely not a basis of a live in relationship... I have over 2 years of proof to stand on.

I will post again soon, I have to get to work now, thank you for reading my blurbs.

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Douglas said...

As the other reader, I have to say I do enjoy your posts. Even if they sometimes bring back painful memories of my first marriage. You will get over it... soon, I think, I see that in your writing... Your friend gave you bad advice, it was the right thing to do to talk about the situation you have come out of. Everyone has at least one past relationship so it is "common ground" and often reveals something about ourselves which is what a date is all about. I think your friend meant "Don't go on about your Ex-, it makes you seem obsessed."

Eowyn said...

I congratulate you on finding a nice first date :)

I also concur with Douglas, in that "obsessive" talk about exes is a turnoff. I'm sure you don't do this, but it's a timely and worthy reminder nonetheless. Instead, it's better to focus on possible future goals and plans, or observations about men and women in general, rather than experience-specific (if that makes sense).

Again, congrats!

angelzwild said...

I've been reading your blog for awhile, noticing it on "One And Only Shooting Star," and have been enjoying your posts!

I am so happy that things are working out for you, things are going to be better than fine!

Take care,

Lynda B said...

Hey thanks for the comment!! How are you?

Lynda x