Saturday, September 5


It has been said, don't go looking for love, it will find you. So if I am not looking how do I know when it finds me? I am tangled in the grasp of fear, fear of the unknown. Is there someone out there for me, or will I spend the rest of my days alone? Do I even know what love feels like? Of course I know what love feels like. When my daughter was born, she was delivered C-section, I was handed this fragile, tiny baby girl. Being the first to bond with, that was love. A feeling of content, happiness, nothing else in the world mattered at that time. Genuine, real and satisfying. Is it there, will I get that feeling again, much less with a stranger? Do I even have it in me to love again? Love must rule, love is to give control, to trust and know everything will be ok. Faith, knowledge and love, of the 3 love is greatest.

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Douglas said...

Love is not something to look for. I suspect you won't find it if you do look for it. It must sneak up on you or just appear, as you found with your daughter. Find a friend first, be a friend first, and do not worry about finding love.

angelzwild said...

Douglas couldn't have said it any better. For now, love yourself.