Tuesday, September 29

Messenger Probe

Have you heard of the Messenger Probe? Set to do its 3rd flyby of Mercury before setting into orbit around the 1st planet in the solar system in 2011. This final flyby will be the closest scientists have studied the planet to date, 142 miles from the surface.
"The maneuver itself is absolutely critical to the rest of our mission. We must fly by Mercury hitting the right aimpoint so that the rest of the trajectory is the one we want to be on for orbit insertion in March 2011," said Sean Solomon, principal investigator at the Carnegie Institution of Washington.

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1 comment:

@eloh said...

For some reason this made me remember "Bernard star B"....might have been the really late 50's or so....a new planet was discovered and named.

Flash forward and on any game show I would lose on a second grade question of how many planets in our own solar system....oye

I don't know meterics and will forever claim Pluto.